Brief description of functions

Parasis is a consulting engineering firm specializing in earthquake engineering. We offer solutions allowing the adequacy of the surcharges to the buildings. From coast to coast in Canada, we are called upon to work on multiple mandates from a broad entrepreneurial and governmental clientele in the construction industry. We are at work on high visibility projects of all sizes. A passionate team, honest and whose skills are recognized. We believe in the strength of the complementary bonds that are woven within our team. At Parasis, we offer a tight woven work environment where life is good.

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We are looking for talented candidates, dynamic and with a desire to contribute to the development of their professional environment to complement our team of structural engineers.



Teamed with engineers and technicians in our family, you will be responsible for providing design, calculation and validation of installation details during construction. You will have to use the steel reference codes according to CSA S136 and CSA S16 as well as occasionally wood according to CSA O86 and reinforced concrete. In addition to design, services include building compliance verification, attendance at site meetings, issuing directives, etc.

Finally, you will contribute to the development of the company or you will make every effort to achieve reliability and an undeniable quality of service to our customers, allowing the company to maintain its reputation in the field and to remain a reference in seismic industry.